Vikram singh

one rank one pension

Forlorn with a glimmer of hope
against all odds willing to shine
sparring with fate struggling to cope
bliss is what I pine

roaming this land capturing moments in time
to reminisce one day in life
when all of it is a distant dream
a journey relived
acting as an encore release
bliss is what I pine


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India is diverse in every aspect. Yet at certain levels it has oneness. The myriad of emotions, colours, drama is breathtaking. It is a haven for artists. On the flip side though it is a huge challenge. How do you attempt to do something that has been done a million times before? Bombarded with a plethora of situations, subjects, sights, sounds, and stories it is tough to focus and bring out something that is unique and interesting. Ultimately it is my vision and point of view that I share.

Vikram Singh

I am a New Delhi based professional. My favourites subjects are people and places. To view my full body of work or for questions/comments, drop me a line.